Montpellier, Hilton unveils its miracle recipe to keep

In an interview for RMC Sport, Vitorino Hilton talked about his extension, which will be 43 years next season.

But where and especially when will it end? Vitorino Hiton, 43 next season, recently extended his lease with MHSC. The Hérault defender has trusted the RMC recipe for its incredible longevity.

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“You have to train every day. I don’t prepare in a specific way to start every day. I try to forget my age. I put it aside. Sometimes I forget that I have 42 years old and I play with Joris Chotard who is “I think that’s what also makes me always in good shape and giving myself to the fullest,” he said.

But what is its engine? The Brazilian defender says it’s his passion for the game that keeps him going: “The passion for football is always there. I’ve been in love with football since I was a kid. I think that’s what always makes me thoroughly: I’m passionate about football. “

Hilton is now preparing for the post-career, aware that everything has an end: “I really wanted to end my career at Montpellier. There will be something … I know very well that I will start to reflect this football season. I realize that it is the end of my career and I have to prepare. “