Protesters in Iraq condemn the kidnapping of opponents and journalists

While the new Iraqi government has promised to release the protesters arrested during the protest movement last fall, some of them remain unanswered after several months. The families also condemn the disappearance of journalists. France 24 went to meet his relatives but also at Tahrir Square, still occupied by protesters.

Tranquility has returned, Tahrir Square, in Baghdad, which is considered to be the heart of the protests in the fall of 2019. The protesters, who are still present, condemn the protesters ‘kidnapping’, ‘about whom we do not know anything’. And this, despite the promises of the new government in Mustafa al-Kazimi to release them.

According to them, the members were accused of the movement for reasons other than the demonstrations.

Families are also worried that people outside the dispute will disappear, as will journalist Tawfiq Al-Tamimi, who according to his family has been missing for 70 days.

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