Sahara’s cheetah, which disappeared for more than ten years, reappears in an Algerian park

After a long absence, Sahara’s cheetah has reappeared in the Ahaggar cultural park (Tamanrasset), reports APS. There are fewer than 200 around the world.

Sahara’s cheetah, which is on the Red List of Endangered Species of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, was recently observed by scientific teams from the Office of the Ahaggar Cultural Park (Onpca), in Algeria. Feline has not reappeared for more than ten years.

The information was revealed on Monday, May 18 by the Director of the Algerian Cultural Parks Project (PPCA), The Algerian news agency APS reported.

This research mission, which spans several years, mobilized “about fifty Onpca agents from various specialties over 120 days and 40 cameras working continuously, thus creating a new database of more than 230,000 photos available in the study,” he said.

According to the UN, only 10% of the African population remains of cheetahs, or 7,100 specimens still living in their natural habitat. The number of Saharan cheetahs is estimated at 200 around the world.