The Watford captain refuses to resume training

Watford captain Troy Deeney has said he will not resume training this week.

While the Premier League allows, from Tuesday, small groups to work together to prepare for resumption. Troy Deeney refuses to resume.

The Watford player has expressed concern over his son’s health also for the disproportionate number of blacks, Asians and mestizos who die from Covid-19.

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“We have to come back this week. I said I will not, it has nothing to do with a financial issue,” Deeney said of ‘Talk the talk’.

“My son is five months old and he suffers from breathing difficulties. I don’t want to go home and put him in even greater danger. You have to drive in your own exercise equipment, you can’t shower. You have to go in the same dirty suit you came in , which increases the risk of getting the virus home. “

According to the 31-year-old, the date of June 12, which is often mentioned for a possible resumption of PL, comes prematurely: “Blacks, Asians and mestizos are four times more likely to get the disease and we have twice the risk of long-term illnesses (.. .) Even if we are tested and we will be in a safe environment, it will suffice with a person in the group … I do not want to take it home. ”