Voluntary organizations condemn “shameful” passivity on the part of the UN Security Council

Several NGOs including the International Rescue Committee, the International Crisis Group and Save the Children on Tuesday lamented the UN Security Council’s “paralysis” ahead of the coronavirus pandemic. It is slow to adopt a resolution for a gun in the world.

The action against the Covid-19 pandemic by the Security Council, crippled by the US-China confrontation “which seems incapable of leading” at the UN, is “disgraceful”, said Tuesday, May 19. several non-governmental organizations.

Two months after a UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres call for a global arms deal to better combat the disease, the Council failed to agree on a resolution supporting this initiative, punishing an International Rescue Committee, the International Crisis Group or Save the Children. press release, which belongs to the signatories.

“The Security Council’s paralysis with Covid-19 is shameful. It is also incomprehensible to millions of people,” said David Miliband, head of the International Rescue Committee.

“Historical opportunity”

For Rob Malley, chairman of the International Crisis Group, “the United States and China” treated “resolution negotiations” as an opportunity to transfer responsibility for the origin to Covid-19 “rather than favor” an appeal directly to a reduction in violence. “” Neither Washington or Beijing seems to have the capacity or willingness to show leadership at the UN during a global crisis, “he said.

In the Save the Children head, Inger Ashing said that the Security Council “has a historic opportunity to stop the fighting in the world and ensure that humanitarian workers have full access to those who need them most.”

Since Washington was rejected on May 8 by a compromise text proposed by France and Tunisia, the Security Council negotiations have been locked. The United States rejects all mentions of the World Health Organization, while China wants a reference in the resolution.

Unlike the Security Council, the UN General Assembly has already adopted two pandemic resolutions, one on April 3 to strengthen international cooperation and the other on April 20 to demand fair access to future vaccines.

With AFP