Amiens SC – Bernard Joannin: “I’m coming to the end”

The president of Amiens SC is still determined to take legal action to prevent his club from going down to Ligue 2.

Nineteenth in Ligue 1 and declined administratively due to LFP’s and Noël Le Graëts decision to take the classification on the 28th day as the final classification of Ligue 1, Amiens struggles to save her skin. Bernard Joannin, chairman of the Picard Club, continues to announce to all the housemates that he will do everything in his power to maintain his club in Ligue 1 and that he is ready to initiate administrative proceedings. In the columns of L’Equipe, Bernard Joannin reaffirmed his intentions.

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“The answer from the Paris Administrative Court? It should come this week. I think the legal arguments are on our side and that justice will show us right. League decisions freeze. When you enter a 38-day championship and we stop that by the 28th, there is no sports capital. France is going through hard times and it has been a huge wave of power. The only one that shows no solidarity, that is the football world. I am surprised he did not want to make the decision to prevent relocation this season “, explained Bernard Joannin.

“We only ask for annulment of the decision”

“The choice was quick. Look at Germany, where the championship resumed last weekend, Portugal will start this week, Italy and Spain who have returned to training … I wish all my heart that this pandemic ends, and we must give time to time, but we could just turn off Ligue 1 and see how it went. There was not enough dialogue and we didn’t think about the consequences, human or financial “, added the Picard club chairman.

Amiens SC – Bernard Joannin: “Justice will show us right”

Bernard Joannin does not expect much from the next LFP meeting: “The LFP General Assembly? The decision to stop the championship was already made two weeks ago and GA did not. I will not be able to foresee decisions that we will be called to vote. I knows one who is at L2’s request to develop to 22 to avoid descent. This is what I “We are open to all suggestions. We are only asking for the annulment of the league’s arbitrary decision. That’s all. Let’s be human, united. “

“We must not leave anyone on the road. Of course, we are ready to be joined by Toulouse. But Amiens fight is not Toulouse, every club submits its request to the Administrative Court, although I have a lot of compassion for TFC, as for Orleans, Le Mans ( relocated from L2 to National), which made so much effort to return to the professional world. (…) I just hope the reason will return., concluded the President of Amiens.