“In Algeria, an increasingly oppressive muddling of the press”

In the press, this Wednesday, May 20, 2020, the repression in Algeria of the protest movement increased in favor of the Covid-19 epidemic. Departments in France on the possibility of organizing the second round of municipal elections in June. And the outcry over Donald Trump’s statement about hydroxychloroquine, the drug that works against Covid-19, is debated.

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Arrests of activists, but also of ordinary citizens for publications on social networks, censored newspapers, instrumentalization of laws criminalizing false information and hate speech … With the pandemic, the repression of the protest movement has increased in Algeria, according to the French website Mediapart, citing the emblematic the case of journalist Khaled Drareni, in prison for more than 50 days for covering Hirak, the popular uprising since its first demonstrations. Khaled Drareni was arrested on March 7 and charged with “employing unarmed assembly” and “attacking the integrity of the national territory” and, despite himself, “the symbol of an increasingly oppressive press mass”.

It increased repression in Algeria in times of coronavirus, which inspired Dilem to this drawing, published by Liberté-Algérie. Titled: “The government wants to promote internal tourism”, it shows a judge asking a Facebook subscriber if he prefers “El-Harrach or Kolea?”, The names of two Algerian prison centers …

In France, Prime Minister Édouard Philippe tonight gets representatives from the various political parties to consult them on the organization of the second round of municipal elections, postponed due to coronavirus. According to L’Humanité, the Scientific Council has just given a very cautious opinion, since without referring to a second round in June, the responsibility refers to politicians. But neither the executive director nor the opposition seems willing to “take the sole responsibility for a vote”, according to L’Humanité, who stuck to this “hot potato” in the second round of the municipal election and still continues as a date possible on June 28.

Finally, a word, from the recent controversy signed by Donald Trump. After suggesting to his countrymen that he inject coronavirus disinfectants, the US president announced taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure. Therefore, the drawing by Dave Brown, for The Independent, which shows him injecting disinfectant for toilets – a formula that “cynically proved to entertain attention, to hide bad smells and nasty stains”. A product of terrific efficiency because it can kill “99% of real information” …