PSG, Tuchel hopes to be able to play the Champions League

The PSG coach wants his team to defend their chances in C1 and does not yet know when training will resume.

PSG and OL are in a fairly new situation. The two French clubs are no longer training and will no longer play any official match before resuming the Champions League in August. Thomas Tuchel was limited to Germany and interviewed the official PSG channel. An interview recorded in early May, during which he seemed concerned about the lack of clarity regarding the resumption of training and the date when the Champions League final stage will take place.

PSG was able to resume training on June 22

“Nobody can say if we start again on August 12, or rather August 6 with the League Cup or something else. If we have a date it can help us a lot, but right now it is changing. We have to prepare for at least four weeks, after ten , twelve weeks without playing, I hope we can start again, because we are strong, we are in the quarterfinals, but we can not push. Maybe we can play in August as a tournament, if possible we must prepare at least four weeks., explained the PSG coach.

“The title? It’s weird, but we worked hard for it”

The PSG coach remembered before the match against Dortmund: “The PSG-ultran sang on the outside of the bus: PSG goes PSG. The players repeated the same thing. After we started singing together on the bus. Normally it doesn’t happen that way, on the bus, after a big victory yes, but not before the match. really special and really nice because everyone sang and danced, the staff and the players. “

PSG, Trapp: “There is only one match in Paris that I try to forget”

Since then, PSG has officially been named champion in France, but has not had the chance to celebrate its title in the company of its supporters, or even on the ground as usual. Thomas Tuchel returned to this rather original and strange coronation for him and the players: “It is a bit strange, but at the same time we are very happy because we have worked hard and it is never easy to win. “

The PSG coach commented on the recovery in Germany and understands that the situation is different in France: “The Bundesliga resumes? Yes, but the situation in the two countries is very different on the statistics against corona. This is the decision, we must accept it. Maybe we can play in August, as a tournament. If possible, we must have at least 4 weeks of preparation. I hope we can play, because we were strong, in the quarterfinals, but it is difficult because everything can change every day “No one can say now that we will resume a certain date. A date can help, but it changes every day. “