two suspects arrested in the United States

The United States has, at the request of Japan, arrested two men suspected of participating in the escape of Carlos Ghosn, according to legal sources. The former CEO of Renault-Nissan has been a refugee in Lebanon since December.

The US authorities arrested at the request of Japanese justice two men, including a former member of the Special Forces, suspected of participating in the escape of Carlos Ghosn from Japan.

Former “Green Beret” Michael Taylor and Peter Taylor are scheduled to appear with video conferencing before a federal judge in Worcester, Massachusetts, court documents say.

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Arrested in November 2018 in Japan for financial embezzlement charges, which he dismisses, Carlos Ghosn, former president of Renault and Nissan, fled the archipelago in December to Lebanon, the country where he grew up and of which he has nationality.

Suspicions in Japan and France

Carlos Ghosn has been the subject of four charges by the Japanese judiciary, especially for breaches of trust and forgery

The former head of the Renault-Nissan alliance is also suspected of having organized two private parties in the Palace of Versailles, in exchange for a sponsorship agreement signed between the brand and the facility that manages the castle. Legal information was opened by the Nanterre Prosecutor’s Office in February, particularly for misuse of corporate assets, to determine, among other things, whether Carlos Ghosn had deliberately used the car group’s resources for private purposes.

Another legal investigation is underway in Paris for acts of “misuse of corporate assets” and “passive corruption”. This applies to contracts signed by RNBV, the Dutch subsidiary 50-50 between Nissan and Renault, which would be embodied by the alliance when Carlos Ghosn was CEO.

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