Why Not now Reclaim the Ownership of Our Twins—NFD and Somali West?

One of the most important stories that was erased in our memories for the last 35 years is the story of our lost twins—NFD and Somali West.

I assume that many of my readers may have already question my proposition and would refer this as “a dream” at the moment. But, what about the Kenyan so-called scholars who once every ten years suggest that Somalia should be deprived of from Somalis.

It was October 3th 2008 when Daily Nation published an article entitled “Why Kenya and Ethiopia ought to annex and divide Somalia”.The article was written by DONALD KIPKORIR. “Somalia wouldn’t be the first or the last to be dismembered” was the title of another article that was also published in Daily Nation in January 19 2020.

MAKAU MUTUA is the author of the later article which also suggests that “Somalia, the most dysfunctional state in Africa, must either be dismembered, disaggregated, re-aggregated, or abolished altogether”. Wether Somalis would accept or not, it is there in black and white. 

Therefore, my question is: if you described my proposition to be “a dream” what would you call their suggestions? However, it seems that my people are prepared to be victimised by history again. Because, Yuval Noah Harari who is an Israeli historian says: “Money comes to money, poverty to poverty. Education comes to Education and ignorance to ignorance. Those once victimised by history are likely to be victimised yet again.

And those who history has privileged are more likely to be privileged again (Sapiens, p, 143)”. In order to avoid this common assumption, we as a nation should not only think of the impossible to happen but also make the impossible possible—to start reclaiming the ownership of our lost twins, NFD and Somali West. 

If we just review the above quotation on the two peoples, those history victimized and the other one which history privileged, we Somalis belong with the first group so do Kenyans according to JARED DIAMOND author of GUNS, GERMS, AND STEEL. By posing and at the same time looking for an answer of the question:

Why did Eurasians conquer, displace or decimate Native Americans, Australians, and Africana, instead of reverse”? JARES’ findings include the clarification of the reasons behind our exploitation for the Europeans. He believes that one cannot relate this to natural differences between Europeans and African peoples themselves, but rather what he explains accidents of geography and biogeography (GUNS, GERMS, AND STEEL, p, 401). 

Whatever the case may be, we Somalis and Kenyans include those Africans whom history victimised by the hands of Europeans. However, we think differently and here is the reason; Kenyans did not only listen the mythologies of our old colonizers but also believed in it and we Somalis did not, and that is why they are now engaging what I describe “double mission”.

This is an idea of killing two birds with one stone. Kenya wants to make Somalis forget NFD over the maritime dispute and at the same time wait their fate while Kenyans wage another psychological war against Somalis by telling them that the time that Somalis would become belongings of Kenya has come. Because,

it was 2008 when DONALD KIPKORIR published the article on annexation of Somalia by Kenya and Ethopian and after twelve years 2020 MAKAU MUTUA has published “Somalis must be dismembered”. Somalis reactions (if they were any reactions) to this were however not logic, systematic and effective.

No Somali has ever mentioned officially and systematically that there are twins—NFD and Somali West that were lost.  So, why not now first as a public and private start not only mention but also reclaim the ownership of our twins—NFD and Somali West? 

Cismaan Cali Amiin
ali_amiin @hotmail.com