ASSE, Cabaye: “I don’t want to quit”

At the end of the contract with the Greens, the 34-year-old French midfielder does not want to end his career this summer.

Yohan Cabaye does not intend to hang the cramps, at least not yet. At the height of his 34 years, the French midfielder had a mixed season with AS Saint-Etienne participating in fifteen Ligue 1 matches, with twelve terms. At the end of the contract at the end of the season, the former French international believes he has a few years ahead of him to spend on a football pitch. In an interview with L’Equipe, Yohan Cabaye admitted that the season’s interruption made him want even more to continue playing football.

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“I want to continue football. I don’t want to quit. This period of forced stoppage makes me realize how much it is my passion. I miss football a lot. It made me feel good, selfish, to review official matches, last weekend, with the Bundesliga, even if the camera and all the protocols distort the sport itself. Whether it’s in Saint-Etienne or elsewhere. My contract ends on June 30 and nothing is stopped “, said the 34-year-old midfielder.

“Continue to ASSE? I exclude nothing”

“An extension with the Greens? I had coach Puel, who then said it publicly. We discuss, yes. I don’t close any doors. We are at the end of May, the foreign championships are not finished, we will see. I exclude nothing. Of course it is frustrating to be stopped, but the personal aspect we quickly put aside. We are stopped due to a global pandemic. My frustration, It is quickly put aside. The most important thing today is to stay healthy“, the Frenchman added.

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Yohan Cabaye did his season at ASSE: “This season was a little difficult at the beginning of the season because of injuries. I didn’t play at the end of 2019. But I worked hard to come back and most of all I was able to chain the matches. That was what I was missing, but my last game was back in December 2018. I continued to train, and fortunately, but finding a group, normal sessions, made me feel good. Wearing this sweater also made me happy. “

“I’m not worried by nature, but when I saw the little glitches coming in, I wondered. Fortunately at the club and my entourage I was calmed down, I was told it was normal. The public told me always supported as well. And since January I was in a hurry to the end, with the prospect of a final in the Coupe de France Ready to play this final in August? I, yes, necessarily Having the opportunity to play a beautiful final is fun, but everything remains unclear , we don’t know when the final will be played, if it will be played, or if there will be new teams or if there will be an exception for players at the end of the contract “, concluded PSG’s former midfielders.