Coronavirus diplomacy between China and Zimbabwe

Since the health crisis began, China, already well established in Zimbabwe, has come to this country in southern Africa in its fight against Covid-19. Chinese power has never been present.

Since the pandemic began, Beijing has invested millions of dollars in Zimbabwe’s health system, so-called coronavirus diplomacy. China, already well established in the country, has never been such an effective representative in Zimbabwe.

Laws of doctors are deployed in the country, isolation centers are being built and Beijing is taking back its medical equipment that Zimbabwe needs to deal with the epidemic. Health is becoming a very promising market for Beijing on the continent.

On the Zimbabwean side, this help is welcome. “We need protective equipment and we need to increase our laboratory research capabilities,” said a doctor at a new Chinese center of Chinese medicine in Marondera.

A valuable help for this country that is preparing to be hit hard by the economic crisis. And a medium was hoping for Beijing to impose a little more on this region of Africa.