in Mönchengladbach, cardboard supporters to make up the camera

Deprived of the stands as at most of the stadiums in the world, the supporters of Mönchengladbach have implemented a completely symbolic solution: to be replaced by cardboard figures, with their effect.

Rarely will a match behind closed doors be held under as many eye pairs. In Mönchengladbach, nearly 13,000 cardboard supporters have already been installed on the arena, which will host a match in Bundesliga match 27 against Leverkusen on Saturday.

Since the krona virus crisis began in March, the group “Fanprojekt Mönchengladbach” has launched an idea that has blossomed: let each supporter print, for 19 euros, a picture of himself on cardboard.

At least 20,000 spectators per match

These figures are placed on the arena in the arena, and the holders of an annual card even have the benefit of seeing their double cardboard box sit exactly in their usual place.

“We are installing nearly 13,000 effigies, but almost 20,000 have already been ordered,” fan club president Thomas Ludwig told Sports Agency SID, a subsidiary of AFP.

“It’s a fantastic operation that creates an atmosphere in the stadium,” said Borussia’s sports director Max Eberl, “at the same time it is a reminder that football without fans is not the same”.

“It’s fantastic. You really feel like you’re not alone when you work out at the stadium,” added team coach Marco Rose.

The winner 3-1 in Frankfurt last Saturday for the reboot match after more than two months of interruption due to coronavirus, Rhineland Club is third with 52 points, six points after the leader Munich. It hosts Bayer Leverkusen, fifth with 50 points, on Saturday.

With AFP