Japan to demand extradition of suspects arrested in the United States

The Tokyo Prosecutor’s Office announced Thursday that it is preparing an official extradition request for two men arrested the day before in the United States and suspected of helping former Renault-Nissan driver Carlos Ghosn flee from Japanese justice in late 2019.

Tokyo was quick to respond. In the aftermath of the announcement of the arrest in the United States of two men suspected of having helped the former head of the Renault-Nissan alliance Carlos Ghosn escape from Japan in 2019, Tokyo’s prosecutor’s office said on Thursday 21 May is preparing for an official extradition request. “We are preparing and working in particular to work together for a quick extradition,” said Japanese Government Secretary YoshihideSuga.

US officials were arrested on Wednesday at the request of Japanese authorities, a former member of the US Army Special Forces, Michael Taylor, and his son Peter, accused of helping the former CEO of Renault and Nissan escape from Japan while being tried there for financial embezzlement which he denied.

Three men were wanted

Japan had issued arrest warrants against Michael Taylor, 59, his 27-year-old son and a third man, George-AntoineZayek, in January for involvement in the flight of Carlos Ghosn on December 29.

According to the Japanese prosecution, Peter Taylor went to Japan the day before Carlos Ghosn’s escape. Michael Taylor and George-Antoine Zayeks arrived on the same day with large black bath trunks that are usually used for transporting musical material.

According to Japanese authorities, the three men also met Carlos Ghosn, who went into a hotel room with Michael Taylor and George-AntoineZayek. The former head of Renault-Nissan then hid in one of the tribes, which was taken to an airport and loaded onto a private plane heading for Turkey. Two days later, Carlos Ghosn announced that he was in Lebanon, his childhood country.

Carlos Ghosn is delicious: two alleged employees arrested in the US

Seven people will soon be charged in Turkey

US authorities have arrested father and son Taylor in Massachusetts after learning that Peter Taylor had reserved a seat on a Boston-Beirut flight, court records show.

The two men then appeared with a video link before a federal judge, dressed in orange prison overalls and taken into custody at the request of the U.S. Prosecutor, which increased the risk of flight.

Their lawyer, Paul Kelly, said in a press release that he plans to contest any extradition request. A representative of Carlos Ghosn refused to speak on the matter.

In an email statement, Nissan said it acknowledges the arrests and reserves the right to take further legal action against Carlos Ghosn. The car manufacturer filed a civil complaint against its former manager this year demanding 10 billion yen (€ 85 million).

In Turkey, the Prosecutor’s Office said this month to prepare charges against seven people, including four pilots, for Carlos Ghosn’s flight from Japan to Lebanon via Istanbul.

With Reuters and AFP