Moussa Diaby: “I had to leave PSG”

The former PSG player was the author of a good season with Bayer Leverkusen, and came back when he left and showed his ambitions.

The young promising player, Moussa Diaby, preferred to go into exile, as many players trained on PSG, to go and see if the grass is greener elsewhere. And the least we can say is that the young Parisian is on the verge of a successful venture, he who chose to join Bayer Leverkusen last summer. In an interview with Telefoot, Moussa Diaby returned to her choice, quite presumably, to leave PSG for the benefit of her career.

PSG was able to resume training on June 22

“I came to a good club with foreign players and tried to adapt them as best as possible. At club level, several of them speak French, it also helped me. What changes between PSG and Leverkusen? C are two different clubs, one of them is one of the top 5 in the world. Although Leverkusen is a good club. I was lucky to have a good coach here, just like at PSG, we know that Thomas Tuchel is a good coach. “, said Moussa Diaby.

“At Bayer Leverkusen I knew I would have more playing time than at PSG. I had to leave Paris. PSG is my training club, I am very grateful to him for that. But I had to leave Paris. You have to be patient, there are other players who did it. I was not in this perspective to wait too long to get playing time. I think I made the right choice in starting from PSG“said winger Bayer Leverkusen.

“A good thing to look elsewhere”

Despite this, Moussa Diaby doesn’t think he would have failed in the long term at PSG: “No in my head, I never told myself that I would never succeed in impressing myself in Paris. I was in the perspective of telling myself to leave to return one day, but in a different status. Yes, I think that is the head of all Parisian titis. It’s good for us to look elsewhere, and why not return one day at the club that formed us. Kouassi, Aouchiche is in the same situation, but I’m not going to tell them what to do. will see this with the leaders and with their families “.

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Author of a promising season, Moussa Diaby remains demanding with himself: “My season wasn’t very strong because I had a complicated start to the season, I had no playing time at all. I had to make an effort. Here goes well, I hope to help the club. It’s not something to play in this We are all waiting for you to play fantastic matches, I have been patient, I have always worked and today it works well for me .. (…) We are competing for the championship, for the Champions League. It is a very tight championship, our ambitions are to finish in the top three to play the Champions League next season“.

Moussa Diaby has grown in strength over the weeks with his new club and now shows an attractive face, making him a fairly regular proprietor. Ambitious, Moussa Diaby acknowledged that in a corner of his head, the French team hopes for a relatively near future: “To play in the French team, in Hope, I always think of the French team A. It is in the mind of all young French people and why not go and look for a bigger club like PSG”.