Toulouse FC soon purchased |

The flagship club in the pink city will soon be sold to the company Redbird Capital Partners.

The Toulouse Club will soon change owners. In a press release, it was revealed on Thursday that negotiations are currently underway to complete the club’s sale to 85%. The buyer is Redbird Capital Partners’ business.

Quite unknown in France and also in the football world, Redbird “Is an investment firm that provides flexible, long-term capital to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.” She is also looking for “Investment opportunities in growth-oriented companies, where long-term capital, its network of investors and its strategic relationships enable entrepreneurs to achieve their goals”. TFC has therefore been identified as the perfect investment vehicle for this box.

Olivier Sadran, the current president of Toulouse, was the first to welcome this news. He said on the club’s official website : “I am convinced that RedBird Capital Partners has the skills and resources required for Toulouse Football Club to return to the elite of French football and at the same time respect our values ​​of citizenship and commitment to the local economic structure. I am keen to maintain a minority share, because I come from Toulouse at birth and as such I feel responsible for the Toulouse Football Club who can always count on my passion and my support. “

In addition, the future buyers also expressed through their CEO a man named Gerry Cardinale. “We confirm that we are in exclusive negotiations with Olivier Sadran on a majority acquisition of Toulouse Football Club. RedBird has twenty years of experience partnering with iconic sports teams and leagues to create high-performing sports and entertainment companies. We are impatient to complete our partnership with Olivier and to put Toulouse FC on the path to success in the future ”, he explained.

As a reminder, and unless Ligue 1 moves to 22 clubs, Toulouse will play next season in Ligue 2. Les Violets has played in the French elite continuously since 2003. Sadran was in charge of the club since 2003 At that time, TFC had approached bankrupt and was removed to National.