Towards an “above normal” hurricane season in the Atlantic 2020

US Meteorological Services predicts six to ten hurricanes in the Atlantic in the summer and fall, of which three to six can reach category 3 or more, with winds of at least 178 km / h.

Hurricane season 2020 is likely to be “above normal” in the Atlantic, with forecasts for three to six Category 3 or more hurricanes, US Weather Services announced on Thursday, May 21.

“There is a 60% chance of a season above normal,” Neil Jacobs, head ofAmerican Agency for Oceanic and Atmospheric Observation (NOAA).

This 2020 season can be “extremely active,” he added, with six to ten hurricanes expected in the Atlantic, three to six of which can reach category 3 or more, with winds of at least 178 km / h.

The season officially lasts from June 1 to November 30. The annual average is six hurricanes, three of which are large.

More sensitive evacuations due to Covid-19

Any evacuation efforts could be disrupted this year by the Covid-19 epidemic and physical distance measures.

The number of places in shelters “will necessarily decrease” because of these health requirements, said Carlos Castillo, director of the Federal Agency for Emergency Management (Fema).

“It is recommended to find as many family or friends as possible outside the areas (hit by a hurricane) or hotels outside the evacuation area,” he added.

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