Ancelotti: “Zidane changed my philosophy about football”

In an interview with Sky Sports, Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti talks about his brilliant leadership career and talks about Zidane.

At the microphone on Sky Sports, “Carletto” reveals how Zinedine Zidane changed his football philosophy.

Mourinho talks about his move to Real Madrid

“With Zidane, I tried to change my idea of ​​the system. Zidane was the first player to give me the opportunity to change the system and play in a different way. So when I got Zidane, the first year at Juventus, I played with a 3-4-1 -2 system, with [Alessandro] Del Piero too [Filippo] Inzaghi in front and Zidane a little behind. The second year I played with four behind, but held two forwards and one No10 as Zidane. He changed my idea of ​​football, I was so focused on 4-4-2 and after I changed, I wanted to put him in the best position so that he was more comfortable on earth. “

Ancelotti found ZZ at Real as an assistant. The pair had excellent results in the merengue club in particular La Decima. “The team had had some problems in recent years when I got there. The fact that they couldn’t win the Champions League at 12 years was like an obsession for them because Real Madrid had used to win many Champions Leagues. I was lucky the first year that won this trophy [lors de la saison 2013/14]”said the Italian.

If Ancelotti appreciates a “top quality player like Sergio Ramos, he also mentioned Cr7:” You don’t have to build a team around Cristiano Ronaldo and as I said to Zidane, you have to put the players in the most comfortable way on the field. I don’t think you should build strict tactics with this player defensively because there are players who are more involved in the attack phase and there are players who need to be more involved in the defensive phase. “

“I think when you are a manager you should try to train Real Madrid one day in your life. I spent two years there and it was an unforgettable experience because I believe Real Madrid is the best club in the world,” Mister acknowledged.