Mercato – A candidate for the Vasco de Gama presidency promises that Yaya Touré will come

Attorney Leven Siano promises to sign Yaya Touré (37) for the 2021 season if he wins in the next presidential election for Vasco da Gama.

After weeks of rumors that sent Yaya Touré to Botafogo, the rivals from Vasco da Gama appear to have taken the lead in this deal.

Thus, Luiz Leven Siano, candidate for the next presidential election in Vasco, posted a video on Instagram announcing that he had an agreement on the signing of the former player in Manchester City and Barcelona, ​​provided he is elected head of the club.

“Looking forward to seeing Vasco fans soon”

In this video, Yaya Touré speaks for himself. He explains: “I want to thank Leven for including me in this project. (…) I look forward to seeing all of Vasco’s fans very soon. It will be Vasco.” Life adds: “Welcome, Mr. Yaya Touré. Thank you for trusting our project for Vasco de Gama. It will be Vasco!”

Touré, 37, recently played in Chinese D2 for the Qingdao Hunghai club. His second club since leaving Manchester City, after a stint at Olympiacos.

At present, the six candidates announced for the presidency of Vasco de Gama. The date for the election must be decided later in 2020. If Yaya Touré was signed, he would not play for Vasco before the 2021 season.