Between another World Cup and C1, Mendy made his choice

City defender Benjamin Mendy would be happier to conquer the Champions League than another World Cup.

Two years ago, Benjamin Mendy had participated in the conquest of the World Cup with the Blues, although his number of appearances in the final stages remained meager. The brilliant side appreciated this conquest, but today he wants to live from others.

The former Marseillais is still linked to Manchester City. With this formation he won several national trophies, but he has not yet won a continental title. And when football resumes in England it will be his main goal.

In an interview with BeIn Sports, Mendy said he preferred to rule over Europe rather than climb the roof of the world a second time. “It was going to be the Champions League with City. It’s not that I don’t want another World Cup, I’d like both every year! But we have already had the World Cup with France. “