European championships may not end

Jean-Pierre Caillot, President of Reims, observes with great interest the resumption of competitions in neighboring countries.

Unlike Ligue 1, which was stopped prematurely, the German and Spanish championships have resumed or are resuming. And the Italian Serie A should also experience the same fate. Does this situation give regrets to the leaders of French clubs?

The question was asked to Jean-Pierre Caillot in an interview with L’Equipe. The latter said he was not sure the neighbors had made the right decision. “We are focusing on Germany but let’s not forget that the pandemic has never far exceeded the level in France and southern Europe, he stressed. We are talking about recovery, but let’s wait and see if these championships will end or not. In England we are starting to hear voices rising towards the recovery. I am not a calmer but it seems the virus continues to circulate. Life has resumed, and I welcome it, but we all have masks on the street. We have to be careful. “

“The decision has been made and we have adapted”

In addition, the strongman from Reims said that his club was ready to take over, but that he today fully respects the decision made by the state. “We tend to forget that sport is one thing. But there was a health crime. The Prime Minister and then the CA in the league announced the end of the season. So we adapted. In Reims we were in a recovery logic. The Saturday before the inclusion, I had my coach on the phone to talk about it, convinced that we would play football again ”, he lost.

Reims was among the teams that benefited most from the early end of the championship. Sixth in the ranking after 27 days, Champenois could take a European place. A first for this club since the glorious era of the 60’s.