France ready for “reciprocity”

While the UK will impose two weeks on travelers arriving from abroad, France regrets this decision and says it is ready to introduce a reciprocity measure.

Covid-19 will have added a bit more distance between Paris and London. While Britain announced Friday to introduce two weeks on travelers coming from abroad, France regrets … and replies. “France is ready to introduce a reciprocity measure as soon as the system actually comes into force. Strength on the British side,” we responded to Place Beauvau.

While the two countries are linked to Eurostar, round trips will be complicated by these two weeks of measures introduced on each side of the Channel Tunnel. “Travelers from the UK, regardless of their nationality, will be asked to complete two weeks when the British Action Fourteen, announced this evening, actually comes into effect,” the joint press release from the Home Affairs, Europe and Foreign Affairs and Health reports.

Volunteer of the week

France had already announced on May 14 that it intended to apply travelers coming from Spain in quarantine measures, in reciprocity to those decided by Madrid and addressed to anyone coming from abroad.

The interministerial statement said last night that effectively “travelers arriving by air from Spain only will be invited from Monday, to carry out a voluntary quarantine”. “This is true for travelers from Spain, France and all nationalities,” he added.

A “voluntary fourteen” will also be offered to French or permanent residents of France outside the European area at home of their choice or in an appropriate housing structure, according to the same press release.

Excluded from these “weekly volunteers”, if they do not show symptoms, are people in transit, cross-border workers, crew members, persons carrying out international freight transport, drivers and team members in buses and trains, crews on merchant and fishing vessels, but also those health professions who contributes to the fight against Covid-19, staff on diplomatic missions and international organizations headquartered in France, security forces returning from the mission, people to motivate a compelling family motive.

Compulsory travel certificate

Whatever the origin, all travelers must haveinternational travel certificate and a replied statement certifying that he has no symptoms of Covid-19 infection.

For travelers outside the European area (all countries in the world except the EU Member States, the UK, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and the Vatican), “the principle that remains today and so far is the borders and therefore, the ban on entry, “it states.

With AFP