OL welcomes the return of La Liga

In a statement, Olympique Lyonnais welcomed the decision on Saturday to resume the Spanish championship.

Next June 8, and after three months of interruption, the Spanish Championship will be back. On Saturday, the Iberian government gave the green light so that football can resume the entire national territory. A decision that pleased the clubs involved in the Primera Division, but also … Olympique Lyonnais.

In a statement published on Saturday night, the Rhone club really welcomed the decision made on the other side of the Pyrenees. In this initiative, there may be a response from Lyonnais to LFP. The day before, the French football governing bodies had applauded the decision of the Paris Administrative Court to dismiss the appeal of Amiens, OL and Toulouse against the judgment at the end of the championship.

In the note published by Lyonnais you could read in particular: “La Liga’s power and the value of its leaders, but also the truth and precision of the information transmitted to the government to help the recovery played an important role in the final decision made by the Spanish Prime Minister who announced the recovery today. Olympique Lyonnais hopes that the example of Spain following Germany will allow the decision taken in France to be considered quickly. “

In his Twitter account, Jean-Michel Aulas, the president of Les Gones, echoed the same idea by inviting French football officials to backtrack. “What if we finally fix the biggest mistake in French football?” Who benefits from the historical error of stopping football only in France …? ” he wrote.