Two new Covid-19 positive cases were discovered in the Premier League

Premier League coronavirus testing since last week has revealed 8 positive cases, including at least one player.

Premier League officials have confirmed that two results were positive in the latest round of player and staff coronavirus testing.

The UK’s elite governing body began rolling out general tests on players over the weekend as part of its protocols for a resume of the 2019-2020 season, which has been in place since March in the wake of the pandemic. The first tests produced six positive results at three clubs, which later confirmed that two employees and one player had been infected – defender Adrian Mariappa, who then waived his right to anonymity to discuss his situation and calm fans.

Under the new Premier League protocol, those who test positive – a number that has increased to eight with the most recent data released – must spend seven days in quarantine before appearing again and joining teammates for collective learning.

“The Premier League can confirm today that on Tuesday 19 May, Thursday 21 May and Friday 22 May, 996 players and club staff were tested for COVID-19. Two of them tested positive by two clubs”, said the release of the league on Saturday. “Players or club staff who test positive will now isolate themselves for seven days. For the second round of tests, the number of tests available for each club has increased from 40 to 50. Previously, 748 players and members of club staff had been tested for COVID-19 on 17 and 18 May, with six positive tests in three clubs, the six tested positive in the first round of tests are not included in the numbers from 19 to 22 as they are still in their seven-day self-isolation period. . No specific information about clubs or individuals will be provided by the league and the results will be published after each test round. “