Wenger: “Back on the bench? Too much responsibility for FIFA”

Arsène Wenger said that a new coach experience was not part of his short-term plans.

It has been over two years since Arsène Wenger resigned as manager of Arsenal. Since then, the experienced technician has no longer trained and prefers to take on other assignments. Like the one that FIFA entrusted to him as head of world football development within the department.

Could he dive back into his first passion in the future when he turned 70 years old last October? The question was asked to him this Saturday during an interview at BeIn Sports. If he did not rule out the alternative, Alsatian suggested that it was very hypothetical: “Right now I’m dedicated to my work at FIFA. FIFA is responsible for 211 federations and the big problem is being efficient. I am not saying that I do not lack competition, but I try to be effective in this area. “

If he does not return as a coach, Wenger can return to Emirates Stadium as a spectator. But again, this is not part of his intentions: “I always said to myself that even if it means leaving, I might as well do it completely. This is the decision I made. ” When he dismissed a comeback in his old house, he still underlined the immense pride he had in training the London team. When it was pointed out that a statue of him was being prepared in London, he humbly replied: “I have managed this club in 1,235 games, I have had good and bad times there, and we have tried to defend the values ​​specific to the club. And I think we got there.”

“At least, with the camera behind, the decision is made on the ground”

Asked about the contours of his current work, Wenger clarified and developed the fields he focused on : “Football itself means improvements to the rules of the game. Currently, we do in-depth studies, especially on the offside. But above all, we try to improve education for young people. Equally in Europe there is a good structure for education, so much else is not the case That’s why the gap is widening. “

The former Gunners boss also commented on the resumption of the Bundesliga competition. He was particularly welcoming “courage” Germans: “Football without supporters? It is true that it is not what we are looking for, but it looks like it. It is still the most beautiful (given the context). At least the decision is made on the ground. In the end, it is a sporting result. The Germans were very good and very brave, it must be acknowledged. It is a huge promotion for their football today. “