Air France is committed to reducing its carbon dioxide emissions on short flights in exchange for state aid

According to French Transport Minister Élisabeth Borne, the Air France company is committed to drastically reducing its carbon footprint in France, especially by reducing the number of domestic flights, in exchange for public support granted before the crisis. from Covid-19.

A reduction of carbon dioxide emissions against public support. That is the consideration requested by the Government of Air France in exchange for the loan guaranteed by the state, which must help the airline to cope with the Covid-19 crisis, announced Sunday, May 24, Transport Minister Élisabeth Tjockskallig.

“In exchange for the government-guaranteed loan, Air France has made very strong commitments to reduce carbon emissions from its domestic flights by 50% by 2024, especially with a drastic reduction in travel where we have a rail alternative of less than 2.5 hours, “said the Minister of France Inter.

The Air France Pilots Association (SPAF), a very minority, warned management on Saturday about its plans to restructure short-haul operations.

A rescue plan against Covid-19

Air France-KLM has received € 7 billion from Bercy to deal with the virtual paralysis of global air traffic, caused by the pandemic in the new corona virus.

German company Lufthansa, which for its part is discussing with the government a rescue plan of nine billion euros, announced on Sunday that it intends to resume its flights to 20 destinations from mid-June, including several popular holiday destinations.

When it comes to French travelers, Élisabeth Borne always calls them to prefer France for their summer holidays.

With AFP