Argentina extends containment to June 7

Argentina’s President Alberto Fernandez has decided to extend the containment to June 7. The number of contamination with the new corona virus has increased significantly, especially in Buenos Aires, where it has increased five times in the last two weeks.

“We will extend the prison in Argentina until June 7. The cases have increased disproportionately in the working classes in Buenos Aires. In other parts of the city, pollution has increased by 100%,” said the Argentine president. Alberto Fernandez, Saturday, May 23, during a press conference.

Buenos Aires and its outskirts account for 87.5% of the country’s Covid-19 case, which rose to 11,340 on Saturday for a death toll of 445. “There is an obvious concentration in lower-income neighborhoods. We will work primarily for them “We will increase the number of tests, which will allow us to revise the pollution data upwards,” said Alberto Fernandez.

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“We have no history because in Europe and the United States there are no working quarters like there are in Argentina and Latin America. Their residents have to trust us,” he continued.

For this new stage, the authorities will tighten controls to limit travel by public transport in the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires to workers in important sectors. In the capital, leisure trips are allowed for children on weekends, around their home and in the company with a single parent, for a maximum of one hour. Local stores may open but not shopping malls.

GDP is falling sharply

Argentina began enforcing mandatory containment on March 20. Two weeks ago, flexibility was allowed in some provinces that did not present new cases.

Over the past two months, the government has procured medical equipment and set up field hospitals to combat the spread of the pandemic.

In Buenos Aires, only 15% of resuscitation beds are currently equipped with respiratory protection, according to Mayor Horacio Rodriguez Larreta.

But the president warned that if the pollution index remained high, the health system could not respond. “We see that those in Mexico, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador are suffering a lot. I hope we will manage without too much trouble,” he said. According to WHO, South America is the “new episode” of Covid-19.

In a two-year recession, Argentina has seen the economic downturn worsened by the pandemic. In March, after ten days in prison, GDP fell by 11.5% compared to the same month in 2019. And the country is currently holding negotiations at the same time to restructure its debt, estimated at $ 66 billion.

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