Boris Johnson defends his special adviser and presents the continuation of the closing

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday gave unsupported support to his special adviser Dominic Cummings, in concern that he was leaving London in full prison.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson supported his special adviser Dominic Cummings on Sunday, May 24, accused of failing to comply with the containment rules introduced to fight the new corona virus. At the same press conference he explained how to open the schools again.

In spite of the strong force and urges, including in his conservative majority’s ranks, to demand the resignation of the controversial adviser, the head of government considered that the latter had acted “on a responsible, legal and honesty”.

DominicCummings, 48, mastermind of the 2016 referendum campaign that led to Brexit, has been in the midst of a political storm since two newspapers revealed on Friday night that he had gone with his wife and son at the end of March to his parents’ home in Durham ( 400 km northeast of London), when he feared he had Covid-19.

“What they have done is completely understandable,” said the prime minister, who personally assured the daily press conference on Downing Street about the pandemic.

Prime Minister Dominic Cummings made the trip because he needed help looking after his son while his wife was ill, and the family stayed in a building separate from the property

Schools opening again from June 1st

In addition, Boris Johnson confirmed its plan for gradual closure with the partial opening of schools on June 1, after more than two months of containment to limit the spread of the new corona virus.

The return will be made gradually and by age group for primary schools, first on pupils aged 4 to 6 and 10 to 11 years, said the British Prime Minister.

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