Chiellini criticizes Bonucci for his career choice

The Juventus defender said his teammate Leonardo Bonucci’s decision to join Milan was pointless.

Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini says Leonardo Bonucci’s decision to join AC Milan 2017 was illogical.

Bonucci moved from Juve to Milan in 2017, but returned to Turin the following year. Chiellini said his defense friend’s decision didn’t make sense, and said he would have understood if Bonucci had decided to join a club like Real Madrid. “His year in Milan was different, a sure bad choice because he was not made at peace with himself, so not in a wise way,” he writes in his autobiography, Io, Giorgio, with words conveyed by Corriere dello Sport. “Leo was shaken for a thousand reasons. I was sad that everything happened during the weeks when we didn’t meet. I’m sure if it had happened at another time, I would have convinced myself to stay. [Antonio] Stories in July 2014, they always leave when I’m not there. “

Chiellini added: “With Leo I said that everything was already established … something crazy from start to finish. I could have understood if he had gone to Real Madrid, but to Milan? Fortunately, fate wanted everything to come back in order.”

Although he did not stay long at AC MIlan, Bonucci believes that this decision helped him to mature on and off the field. “If I think back to Leonardo as I was two or three years ago, I wouldn’t have made a decision,” he said at the end of 2019. The decision to go to Milan, as everyone knows, matured as a man. It was a fantastic opportunity and maybe too big for the man I was at that time. Young Leonardo was a little too fiery. When you meet someone who gives you good advice, you must have the humility to listen. “