China highlights the Cold War with the United States

US critics of China’s coronavirus management push Beijing “to the brink of a new cold war” with the United States, the Chinese diplomat said on Sunday. However, he said he was ready for international cooperation to identify the source of the virus.

Beijing and Washington were already at the height since the trade war started by Donald Trump two years ago. But with the Covid-19 crisis, the tension reached heights between the two powers. When the White House multiplies criticism and accusations about China’s handling of the crisis, it starts to turn red.

“In addition to the devastation caused by the new corona virus, a political virus is spreading in the United States,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told reporters on Sunday, May 24. American politicians are taking hostage between China and the United States as hostages and pushing our two countries to the brink of a new cold war, “he said.

Donald Trump and his administration accuse Beijing of delaying the release of crucial data on the epidemic, which emerged in late 2019 in the city of Wuhan (downtown), thereby facilitating the spread. He even raised the possibility of asking Beijing to pay billions of dollars in compensation and threatened to reduce “all relations” with Beijing, which he holds responsible for a “mass murder.”

“Respond to every insult”

“This political virus seizes every opportunity to attack and persecute China,” condemned the head of the Second World Economic Power on the sidelines of the Chinese Parliament’s annual session. “We will respond to every insult,” said the Chinese Foreign Minister.

In a barely concealed spade, Wang Yi urged the United States to “stop wasting time and waste expensive lives” as the country most affected by the pandemic prepares to cross the 100 mark 000 dead.

“Covid-19 is the common enemy of China and the United States,” Wang Yi said, adding that his country had sent more than 11 billion masks to Uncle Sam, out of a total of $ 56.8 billion. exported to all over the world. “It makes 40 masks for every American,” insisted the head of Chinese diplomacy.

Ready for international cooperation to identify the source of Covid-19

Wang Yis also said he was “ready” for international cooperation to identify the source of the new corona virus. However, he cautioned that such an initiative should abstain from all “political interference” when Washington pressures to launch an international investigation.

Chinese President Xi Jinping was more vague on Monday in a message to the World Health Organization (WHO) annual meeting. He had given the green light to a “complete assessment” of the global response to the new corona virus. But only after the epidemic was interrupted did he insist.

With AFP