Hargreaves advises Manchester United to recruit Werner

The ex-English international, Owen Hargreaves, invited MU to go ahead of Liverpool’s rival by paying Owen Hargreaves services.

According to Owen Hargreaves, Timo Werner would be perfect for Manchester United, where he could benefit from a more important role than he was promised in Liverpool.

RB Leipzig star Werner has had a spectacular season, and with a hat-trick against Mainz in Sunday’s 5-0 victory, he now has 30 goals in all competitions. For more than a year his future has been the subject of lively speculation, Bayern Munich and Liverpool have long been regarded as the main challengers to recruit him.

The party concerned recently spoke about their future and clearly stated their preference for the red ones. But there have not yet been any concrete offers from Merseysiders. And some across the channel hope to see him snub the team to Jurgen Klopp to join the rivals in United. This is especially the case with Owen Hargreaves, the former midfielder in the Mancunian team.

“In Liverpool he will not pass Bobby Firmino, who is one of my favorite players”, Hargreaves pointed out during an intervention at BT Sport. “I think that’s what he has to take into account. Wherever he goes, he has to play. With the way United are playing right now I would see him there. They need a Number nine.”

“Chelsea may be a good option and I think he is somehow perfect for Liverpool, but he is not sure he will be a start. If he is willing to go in for a rotation with the top three, then yes, that would be perfect for Jurgen Klopp “, added the former Bavarian, before finishing: “He works hard, he’s a good goal scorer, but he’s no better than Firmino.”