nearly 400 migrants landed on a beach in Sicily

Nearly 400 migrants landed illegally on Sunday on a beach in Sicily, southern Italy, according to Ansa News Agency. It was the first time in several years that such a large landing had not taken place on the Italian island.

Such a large landing on the coast of Sicily had not happened in several years. About 400 migrants were illegally landed on Sunday, May 24, on a beach on the island of southern Italy, the agency reported. Consider the press, which quotes the national police.

The migrants were said to have been left by a boat a few meters from a beach in southern Sicily, in the Agrigento region, before this unidentified boat sailed, Ansa said. Research is underway to locate the ship with the help of helicopters and coast guards.

Migrants who arrived at the beach fled in small groups, along the roads and across the countryside and often demanded water from motorists and asked to enter vehicles, the newspaper Agrigento Notizie reports. Others have settled under trees to rest.

Landings that are so massive in Sicily are rare, smugglers avoid coming to Italy. On the other hand, they are more modest often on the Italian coast, and 52 people, mainly from sub-Saharan Africa, arrived on Sunday to the small island of Linosa, not far from Lampedusa, south of Sicily, according to Rome. They were aboard a 10-meter boat.

With deconfinance, arrivals resume

On Saturday, about twenty people arrived aboard an inflatable, in the middle of a bathtub, on a beach in Marsala, a municipality in eastern Sicily. In addition, six Tunisians docked with a small boat in Lampedusa on Saturday, while 40 of their compatriots were then captured near the coast on this island and escorted to the port by the Coast Guard.

For the first time since the end in Italy, however, a boat carrying seven people had docked on Friday night in Sardinia.

According to figures from the Italian Ministry of the Interior, on May 22, 445 migrants have arrived in Italy since the beginning of the year.

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