The closure of Ligue 1? Adrien Silva (Monaco) approves

AS Monaco midfielder congratulated himself for seeing the 2019-20 season finally cease.

While football has already resumed its rights in Germany, other European countries could resume competition in the coming weeks, especially in England, Italy and Spain. Unlike the neighbors, France has made the decision to end the 2019-20 season. A decision filled with consequences, motivated by health aspects, which some still do not digest …

“I would have been scared of me and mine”

Adrien Silva, AS Monaco midfielder, believes that decision-making bodies have made the right choice. “There are more important things than the financial aspect or our willingness to play. This is undoubtedly the best decision made. […] I wouldn’t have felt able to play. I would have been scared of me and my “, explained the Portuguese international, in an interview with the Daily Record, before pointing his finger at the risk of injury.

“It takes patience and calm to regain your best form. Without burning the stages, without chasing after lost time, because if you go too fast, injuries will come. Look at what has happened spent in the Bundesliga, for example”, he added. A generally shared position.