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Philippe Piat, UN co-president, responded to Jean-Michel Aulas and defended the idea of ​​stopping the championship.

The European Championships start again after more than two months of interruption due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, this will not be the case for Ligue 1, as LFP has been whistling at the end of the recess for almost a month. A decision that some still find it difficult to digest, such as Olympique Lyonnais and its president Jean-Michel Aulas.

Strongman of the Rhone club spoke again this weekend to say he was afraid of French “Don’t pass for idiots”, with this for early decision. This is his opinion, but it is not shared by everyone. Philippe Piat, for example the UNFP co-president, the players’ union, has no regrets. While he admitted that it was possible that the decision was made in a hurry, he was satisfied that caution prevailed. “It is certain that if everyone takes back except us, the question may arise. Why the others and not us? Afterwards, I do not know under what conditions it will resume in Spain, if the other countries have been as attentive as us to health problems. has also not taken the same positions abroad. It is the future that says who was right, who was wrong. For me, there is always a danger and it has to be weighed ” he said in an interview with L’Equipe.

“We’ll see in the end if we’re idiots”

Piat also said the league’s decision was prompted by the fact that one of the broadcasters refused to pay what he owed the clubs. “There is a crucial element that played at the stop of L1. LFP was ready to resume on June 17. It was the letter from Canal + announcing the breach of the TV rights contract (April 30), shortly before a board, which was the last straw. Although the championship went to the end. If it were to resume with the health risk, behind closed doors and without TV rights money, some said to themselves, what is it then? ” he said.

Finally, Piat said it is difficult today to back up and resume the championship where it was left: “By resuming on June 17, as planned at the base, it seems impossible after such a long cut. The players did not resume training. Some today say that a fourteen day of athletics is enough to play again. hearing that eight weeks of physical preparation is necessary between two seasons of the championship. It’s not easy. We may be wrong. But we will know in the end. “