Woodhouse: “Giggs was incredibly overrated”

According to Woodhouse, Giggs was only a good player, but was not a world legend at all.

Ryan Giggs was “an incredibly overrated Manchester United player”, according to former Premier League midfielder Curtis Woodhouse.

Woodhouse, now manager of the Northern Premier League Gainsborough Trinity team, spent several seasons in the Premier League and played for Sheffield United and the Birmingham City team.

Although he has never really reached the level of Giggs, Woodhouse believes the Wales coach was too expensive at Old Trafford.

In a series of tweets, the former midfielder pointed to Giggs record, saying that his individual production was not enough given his position on the field and the team he was a part of.

“Ryan Giggs, another incredibly overrated Manchester United player”Woodhouse said on Twitter.

“Exceptional life, but in a team that has dominated for years and been a winning machine, its goals and assistance statistics are terrible. Another Manchester United myth, good players, never again.

“Giggs has 162 assists in the Premier League over 22 years and 109 goals, again over 22. His team has dominated for 22 years in football, breaking records as it goes. Ryan Giggs was a left-back, looking at his stats you can confuse him with a left back.

“Giggs didn’t even have a good left foot !! He was an exceptional athlete but his left foot wasn’t that good. He was a good athlete. Let’s keep it real.

“Giggs was a good player. Still on the left, good energy, good pace. A good player, just not a good player, has never had a world-class season in 22 attempts but always a good player. Never poor but never brilliant, a good regular player. “

Woodhouse would compare Giggs with Real Madrid linebacker Gareth Bale and Liverpool defender Trent Alexander-Arnold, claiming they both have superior skills.

“Yes, Bale is better than Giggs, has had a bigger impact on club and international football”, Woodhouse tweeted. “Giggs will have a lifetime superior to Bale, that’s all. Ryan Giggs doesn’t have a single attribute better than Gareth Bale, not one.

“TAA [Trent Alexander-Arnold] is more of a threat of attack than Ryan Giggs was in 22 years. TAA is a right-back and Ryan Giggs is a left-back. “