final score for the 2019/20 Euroleague season

While the end of the season in July had been mentioned for a while, Euroleague is not finally coming to an end. The most important basketball competition in Europe has announced that the current edition would be canceled.

Euroleague, the most important European basketball competition, is finally closing this season because of the coronavirus pandemic that stopped the championship six days before the end of the regular season, the body said on Monday, May 25, in a press release.

“After examining all possible alternatives, the Board has decided to cancel Euroleague 2019/20, as well as Eurocup (2e continental level, editor’s note), “said Euroleague Basketball, responsible for the two most important European basketball competitions.

“This is without a doubt the most difficult decision we have had in 20 years of existence. For reasons beyond our control, we have been forced to stop the most exciting competition in basketball history. European,” complained Jordi Bertomeu, head of Euroleague basketball.


The Euroleague Players Association (ELPA) mostly decided to stop the season.

To try to end the season canceled since mid-March due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the body hoped to play the last 54 regular season games, as well as a Final8, from July 4 to 26 on a single site. A model that the professional leagues in North America, especially the NBA, are trying to create to end their seasons.

After 28 days in the regular season, Efes Istanbul was at the top of the rankings, with 24 wins for 4 losses, ahead of Real Madrid and Barcelona (22 wins).

Interrupted exercises, the clubs are maintained

For the Euroleague season 2020/21, the 18 clubs in this now discontinued practice are eligible, including Asvel for France, who appeared in this new form of Euroleague in an almost closed position. Tony Parker’s club gathered at 15e place, with 10 wins for 18 losses.

Eight clubs, including Monaco for France, out of 24 already have their tickets for the 2020/21 edition of Eurocup, the other 16 seats will be awarded according to the results of the national championships.

“In the coming months, we have a mission: to do everything in our power to help our community come back stronger. […]. This is not an end, but rather a new beginning, “concluded Jordi Bertomeu.

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