In the middle of a demonstration, a police officer uses a minimum market without paying

A video viewed over a million times on Twitter shows a Hong Kong police drinking from a convenience store. The scene took place on May 24, the day of a demonstration on the city’s streets against a new security law that Beijing is trying to introduce this semi-autonomous province. Police officials admitted that the officer then took it “without paying”, before secondly, ensuring that the drink had settled.The police are in uniform, he is wearing a helmet, a bulletproof vest and is armed. In the pictures he goes into a mini market and goes to a fridge at the entrance. He grabs a bottle and leaves immediately and goes with other policemen walking on the street. We hear him say when he leaves the store: “I’ll take this” then “I’ll be back after”.

Agnes Chow Ting, founder of the pro-democracy movement Demosisto, posted the video on Twitter: “During today’s demonstration, a police officer stole a drink from a convenience store. Isn’t he a thief?” . The publication received more than 1.4 million views as of May 25. Supporters of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement reject China’s hold on Hong Kong, which they believe wants to install an authoritarian political system there. – In addition to the usual arrests and use of tear gas, protesters described these images as evidence that city politics behaved like “gangsters”.

As reported regional media Coconuts, opponents took the opportunity to remember that several police officers have been accused of committing crimes in recent weeks, such as illegal construction of buildings, management of a boarding house without a permit, but also possession of drugs worth about EUR 1.42 million.

“It’s the Hong Kong police. In addition to selling drugs and building illegally, they are also stealing,” the surfer said on Twitter.

Some publications have taken over the video cut the sound, so the police can’t be heard announcing he is coming back. The same day, Hong Kong police acknowledged that the police had “taken a drink from a convenience store without making any payment” and assured that the drink had actually been paid for “thereafter”. In comments to the post, several Internet users expressed doubts: “After the video was released by some Internet users, other police officers went to help and pay for the drink,” wrote an Internet user on May 25.