rush of Parisians in Barbizon and in the Fontainebleau forest

The deserted streets of the village of Barbizon, southeast of Paris, during the confinement were invaded this weekend by the Parisians in search of escape. A renaissance for tourists.

Rarely has the village of Barbizon revived such a frenzy. After two months of containment, the Parisians in search of escape rushed into the village located southeast of the capital to find some greenery in the tranquility of the Fontainebleau forest.

“We told ourselves that as soon as we could, we would take green, sun and air … as many people seem to be,” laughs a walker. “Today we are not all Alone, we all had the same idea. But it feels good.”

The director of the tourism office in Barbizon is very pleased with such enthusiasm for the village. “Three-quarters of the hotel owners and restaurateurs who could open have had almost a full weekend,” says Jean-MichelGeneteau.

Tourist workers are now hoping that foreign customers return to the village streets known for their impressionist painters. Because it represents 35% of visitors.