strengthening of soldiers and doctors in the country’s second city

The Malagasy government announced Sunday the sending of military reinforcements and doctors to Toamasina, the country’s second city, following a sharp increase in the number of coronavirus cases.

In Madagascar, on Sunday, May 24, the government announced the sending of reinforcements of soldiers and doctors to the city of Toamasina (east), following a sharp increase in the number of coronavirus cases in the second agglomeration of the country.

Madagascar, a very poor Indian Ocean country, has so far recorded 527 cases of coronavirus, including two deaths, located in Toamasina.

Since Thursday, 122 new cases have been officially confirmed.

Legislation and Enforcement of Covid-19

According to several witnesses, corpses have been collected from the streets of the city in recent days, without anyone knowing the causes of these deaths.

“Doctors need to do thorough examinations to see if the deaths should be attributed to another disease (…) or if they really are due to severe acute respiratory distress, the critical form of Covid-19,” an anti-Covid-19 explained spokesman said. the operational command center, Professor Hanta Marie Danielle Vololontiana, during her daily intervention on national television on Sunday.

About 150 soldiers sent in reinforcements to Toamasina will be responsible for maintaining order and applying measures against Covid-19 (wearing a mask, social distancing …), according to the regional government.

But the Malagasy authorities denied the presence of corpses in the city.

“There are no corpses on the street, in Toamasina or anywhere else. The government has decided to send reinforcements to Toamasina just because of the increase in the number of coronavirus cases,” AFP said on Monday, Minister of Communications Lalatiana Rakotondrazafy.

Distribution of an artemisia-based beverage

The Council of Ministers also completed the tasks of Prefect Toamasina without giving any explanations.

A team was also responsible for distributing an on-site artemisidic drink, a plant with a recognized therapeutic effect against malaria, and which the Malagasy authorities claim to treat Covid-19.

However, the possible benefits of this herbal tea, called Covid Organics, have not been validated by any scientific study.

The Council of Ministers has also announced that an investigation has been launched into the causes of a doctor’s death in Toamasina. According to local press, the victim was pressed into hospital after entering Covid-19. She was found dead hanged in her room on Sunday morning.

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