The Olympics should have seized the Cabinet

As expected, Olympique Lyonnais decided to appeal to the Cabinet to rescind the championship.

Rejected by the Paris Administrative Court, which said “Incompetent” In order to determine its goal, Olympique Lyonnais made the choice to seize the Cabinet to try to annul the decision a month ago by the government and the LFP to stop the French championship. This revealed AFP on Monday.

Deprived European qualification, the Rhodanians consider themselves the victims of injustice and they do not end because they multiply the maneuvers to restart Ligue 1. Jean-Michel Aulas even made it his daily struggle, especially with an open letter sent this Monday to the government.

The State Council is now the only institution that can intervene in favor of Gones and pronounce a result favorable to them. If not, of course, that the government gives green light to the competitions and that LFP in turn follows in steps.

Lyon wasn’t the only one competing at the end of the season and how the final rankings. This is also the case for Toulouse and Amiens, beaten to Ligue 2 and who fought for an elite of 22 clubs.