Africa after the coronavirus: the aftermath of economic challenges

Boundaries, restrictions on movement, confinement, curfews … All these health measures have affected the economies of different countries on the continent. Our guest, the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Vera Songwé, believes that Africa suffers much more from the cessation of economic activity than from Covid-19. She returns to the challenges the continent will face, between African debt and the restructuring of economies in the world after the coronavirus.

In summary: in Niger the mobilization of rapper Danny Lee with refugees. With his collective “Raised Fists” Danny Lee wrote the song “Protect your Life”. A song that also commemorates the significant contribution of refugees, very much involved in prevention. They manufacture, among other things, soap, hydroalcohol and bleach.

Finally, we come to Dakar to listen to the “war anthem” of Senegalese artists against the virus. Under the leadership of Youssou N’Dour and Didier Awadi, about twenty singers gathered to raise public awareness. The result: “Daan Corona”, which means “Defeat the Corona” in Wolof. A call for unity to fight the disease.