“Graffiti to save lives”

In the streets of Dakar, several dozen graffiti against Covid-19 has appeared in recent weeks. It is the work of several Senegalese graffiti collectives: Undu Graffiti, Radikl Bomb Shot (RBS Crew) and Doxandem Squad. These colorful frescoes have two goals: to raise awareness of the barrier gestures with the virus and to be paid tribute to healthcare professionals. To highlight and continue the work, the Dapper Foundation, which specializes in promoting African art, had the idea of ​​a free e-book called “Graffiti to save lives”.

Graffiti to remember the barrier gestures against Covid-19 and pay tribute to the healthcare staff, this is the work of several Senegalese graffiti collectives:Undu Graffiti, Radical Bomb Shot (RBS Crew) as well Doxandem Squad. Colorful frescoes collected a free ebook called “Graffiti to Save Lives” and is produced by Dapper Foundation. “The main goal is to be able to pass on the work of these graffiti artists,” explains Aude LeveauMac Elhone, author of the e-book. most will disappear because of the weather, etc. The e-book is something that will remain. “

The Covid-19 graffiti initiative was launched in mid-March Ati Diallo, director of cultural projects and director of graffiti artists in Senegal. “We have a graffiti quite socially engaged, very close to the population, which deals with issues related to social development, health, education of children, violence against women,” says Ati Diallo. It was in this logical sequence that we could work on this program. But we must not shock people. We need to create beautiful frescoes that can attract people’s attention and get the message out. The corona virus must not transmit fear, but rather the desire to protect oneself, take responsibility. Today, the role of graffiti is the role of mediator, the role of warning. “

Work is usually carried out in confined areas of the Senegalese capital, on abandoned walls or on loans from municipalities and private facilities. The idea is to reach as many people as possible.

This kind of graffiti awareness campaign is not a first in Senegal, a pioneering country in Africa when it comes to urban art. Initiatives such as Graff and the health wagon, set up by the graffiti doctor Docta, have crossed the country for several years to prevent malaria, AIDS … along with health care professionals.