In Cameroon, a traditional manager refuses a “gift” from Paul Biya, threatens the prefect to dismiss him

A video released May 18 shows a village manager reluctantly, on the grounds that it “doesn’t interest him,” to take a hand-washing kit to fight the coronavirus offered to him by a prefect, in the South, President Paul Biya’s stronghold. Threatened with resignation, the village manager finally apologized after the images created controversy.As of May 26, Cameroon had registered 5,044 cases of Covid-19 contamination, including 171 deaths. To combat the spread of the virus and raise awareness, the Cameroonian government has launched a campaign to distribute hand-washing kits consisting of soaps, buckets, hydroalcoholic gels and masks throughout the country.

Thus, on May 15, Sylyac-Marie Mvogo, the head of the department of Mvila in the southern region, continued for the head of state Paul Biya, with power for 38 years, to distribute rates intended for the districts he administers. The filmed scene takes place on the esplanade in the sub-prefecture Ebolowa 1st, during the official presentation of the donations in the presence of dignitaries and traditional managers including the one in the village of Minkan, Calvin Bang Bang.

In the video, which has seen more than 87,000 times on Twitter, we can hear the prefect say: “Majesty, Mr., Minkan’s village manager, receives this gift from the head of state. He was kind enough to receive this gift in the most remote corners of the republic Territory. So was the messenger for the good news (…). Carrying this message of hope that, by respecting the barrier measures, our populations can come to shelter from all pollution on Covid-19. “But the village manager, a little busy with protocol , answered feverishly, holding the bucket that the prefect gave him: “I thank the head of state. But unfortunately, I am in the depth of [l’arrondissement] Ebolowa. And that doesn’t interest me. “And the prefect to repeat:” The head of state has stamped with the seal of sovereignty. We do not criticize them, we do not comment negatively on them. (…). Be a disciplined leader, unless we take you. “

A local journalist – he requested anonymity – who was there, explains that the rather funny scene reveals the poverty level in the villages in the region.