In Morocco, Senegalese carriers trapped in the middle of the desert on the Mauritanian border due to the corona virus

Contacted on May 19 by the editors of the French 24 observers, Moïse Sarr, State Secretary for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Senegal, confirms that he was informed of the situation. But denies having been insensitive.

Immediately informed, we proceeded through the Consulate General in Casablanca to a census to give them help and assistance. Since March 22, some have been taken care of fairly quickly by Morocco and others by the Senegalese Consulate General in Casablanca and supported and accompanied by the Senegalese government in terms of accommodation and catering. They receive a daily pension of FRF 1 800 CFA (less than EUR 3) per day.

Better, we also gave them the opportunity to be repatriated by air as it was made on March 21 for Senegalese in Casablanca and as it is to be done since May 12th for those in France.

But they turned down the offer and said they have cars and goods. And that they prefer to hit the road. This is currently not possible to get to Senegal, you must cross Mauritania, which is a sovereign country that has decided to close its borders.

But they took care of it until an agreement was reached with the Mauritanian authorities.

Emergency aid worth € 19 million to support the diasporaMother Sall Drama confirms the rejection of the repatriation proposal. But the carrier claims to have received just 300 dirhams (27 euros) from the Senegalese authorities on May 19 for more than two months. But on Monday, Mother Sall told him he received 784 dirhams (73 euros) from the consulate on Saturday, May 23, through money transfer. “The consulate had promised to send us 80 euros. We have just received this money. But it does not reach the promised amount.”

Contacted, Massamba Sarr, Consul General of Senegal in Casablanca ensures that “Senegalese citizens of Morocco registered online, including those stranded at the border, each receive support of 50,000 CFA francs (EUR 75). Senegalese come from Europe and stuck on air travel to Morocco will each receive € 350 in aid. But diplomatic negotiations are underway with the Mauritanian authorities. As soon as our neighbors reopen their borders, they will be able to return to Senegal. “

The Senegalese state has released emergency aid of 12.5 billion CFA francs (over € 19 million) to support members of the pandemic-affected diaspora, including 500 million CFA francs (€ 760,000) earmarked for Senegalese residents of Morocco identified themselves on a dedicated platform. 13,000 people are affected by this support.

Morocco is one of the main suppliers to Senegal. According to Le Monde, the two countries traded more in 2017 € 86 million in goods.

Article written off Hermann Boko