Kylian Mbappé: “The Golden Ball? I have no time limit”

In an interview with the British magazine The Mirror, Mbappé talked about the Ballon d’Or and its collective ambitions.

For Mbappé, individual prices are not the most important task. The Frenchman does not dream of becoming the best in the world without winning with Paris.

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“It would be nice to win yes, but it’s not something that prevents me from sleeping at night. I don’t think I have any obligation to win the next season or the next. I actually don’t have a time limit. I always will PSG and the national team are my priority, so if personal award comes from my performances, it’s just a bonus, “Parisie said.not in an interview at Mirror.

Mbappé’s ambition is quite collective. “My ambition is to experience other successes with the selection. Next year we have the European Championships and it will be our ambition to win there. It is a great ambition for me to win the Champions League and be part of the PSG team that wins in their first European title, “he thundered.

What motivates natives of Bondy is above all to have a rising curve. “I’m always looking for improvements. I play with many experienced players, whether I am selected or in PSG and that means I can always learn to develop. “The French’s ability to name his idols and sources of inspiration.” My first role model was Zidane for everything he accomplished with the selection, then it was Ronaldo. He has won so much and continues to be a winner, even after so much success. They both make their mark on the game’s history – and I want to leave my own chapter in the history books. “