new record of infections and saturated hospitals in Chile

Nearly 4,900 new infections were counted in 24 hours in Chile. Two ministers in President Sebastian Piñera’s government were also infected.

It is a sad record for Chile. The country recorded the highest number of pollutants in 24 hours on Monday, May 25, with 4,895 new cases of Covid-19, including two ministers. President SebastianPiñera considered that the national health system was saturated and “very close to its borders”.

The country with 18 million inhabitants has registered a total of 73,997 cases of Covid-19 including 761 deaths since the occurrence of a first case on March 3. Forty-three people have died during the past 24 hours.

“I have been informed that the Covid-19 test I conducted a few days ago has been positive, fortunately I have no symptoms so far,” said the Minister of Labor. public, Alfredo Moreno, 63, on his Twitter account.

AlfredoMoreno was placed in a preventive quarantine after one of his employees tested positive for the new corona virus, and Energy Minister Juan Carlos Jobet, 44, is also infected.

Mandatory containment in the capital

Three other ministers, who had been in contact with infected and placed in preventive quarantine, tested all the negatives and resumed their activities.

Last week, three senators tested positive, leading to the Senate being shut down and parliamentary meetings organized through video conferencing. The sub-parliament also has an elected official contaminated with Covid-19.

Santiago, in confinement since May 16, is the main focus of the pandemic, with 90% of cases in the country. Until then, the government had invested in partial and selective inclusions, as well as in massive screening.

But the country has seen a very significant increase in pollution for two weeks, which pushed the government to impose mandatory containment for the capital’s 7 million inhabitants.

A week ago, Santiago residents dropped this mandatory containment to demonstrate and demand food aid, while the outbreak of the epidemic has exploded unemployment and hunger in the poorest neighborhoods.

With AFP