Real Madrid, Gareth Bale doesn’t understand whistles

Gareth Bale regretted whistling with Real Madrid supporters.

Real Madrid striker Gareth Bale made an appearance Erik Anders Lang Show, an opportunity for him to evoke a very tedious ritual from fans of the Spanish club.

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“Why am I whistled? That’s the BIGGEST question! I just don’t understand. Because if you don’t feel good in the field, you would expect your fans to support you and try to make you feel better because it will do they are happy. But it seems to be the opposite. They whine at you, which makes you feel worse, so you lose your confidence. “It’s a type of Real Madrid thing. Other clubs do, but Real Madrid is best known for it … “said Bale, who described the feeling of being whistled at the Bernabeu.

“So I just missed an easy opportunity to score. And the whistles come and you think,” My confidence is already down because I missed a simple goal and now it will sink even more. And the next time a chance arises, the frame looks small. It’s like a putt. The goal just gets smaller. “, Regretted the Walesman again.