Adil Rami has already left Sochi

French defender Adil Rami is already leaving Sochi three months after his arrival.

Former Marseille player Adil Rami left FC Sochi three months after his arrival, without playing a single match.

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“The Covid-19 crisis has not spared the Russian championship, which led from the beginning of March 2020 to a suspension of competitions until June 21,” the press release states. In this context, and despite the many warnings from the player and his representatives, PFC Sochi decided to disregard any of its commitments and tried to postpone all responsibility by showing the utmost bad faith, which led to lies before the former French international can only rebel. “, Announced his lawyer, Mr. Jules Plancque, via a press release.

“There are fundamental rights and essential obligations that no interference can be tolerated […] Adil Rami, who has so far received no compensation from PFC Sochi, intends to remember that the safety and preservation of players’ health is one of them, “we can still read. As a reminder, Rami signed with FC Sochi on February 22 after concluding the rental agreement with Fenerbahçe Istanbul.