De Bruyne is ready to make a long-term commitment to Manchester City

The Belgian midfielder is open to a contract extension, although citizens risk being excluded from the Champions League.

Kevin De Bruyne is ready to extend his contract with Manchester City if the club manages to cancel its two-year ban on competing in the Champions League. The Sports Arbitral Tribunal (CAS) will hear Manchester City’s appeal against UEFA’s penalty for “serious violations” of the rules of financial fair play from June 8, and the case will be closed in three days.

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Kevin De Bruyne admitted earlier this month that he could consider his future with the English club if the two-year ban on participating in European competition is upheld, admitting that two seasons of football’s biggest competition would be difficult to digest. But Manchester City have always insisted on their players that they are convinced that the UEFA decision will be reversed after an appeal.

The Belgian international still has a three-year contract at present, but sources say he would be willing to stay longer because he and his young family live in Manchester and that he is doing well with the defending English champion. Kevin De Bruyne, who joined the Citizens from Wolfsburg in August 2015 for a record £ 55 million deal, signed a new five-year contract in January 2018.

“Two years without Europe would be a long time”

In addition to having a major impact on the field, and with the possibility of still going beyond Thierry Henry’s Premier League record with 20 assists in a season if the current campaign resumes after stopping in. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the former The Chelsea midfielder also greatly influenced the Citizens’ first team.

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The 28-year-old is a candidate to succeed David Silva as the club’s new captain when the Spaniard leaves the club after 10 years in Manchester City. And he represented citizens during crisis talks on the impact on football during the coronavirus epidemic. Major clubs across Europe were warned when De Bruyne said he was waiting to hear the verdict, but insisted that he remain linked to the club.

“I’m just waiting”, he told the Belgian newspaper HLN. “The club told us they would appeal and they were almost 100% sure they were right. That’s why I’m waiting to see what will happen. I trust my team. When the statement is made, I will review Two years without European football would be a long time, if it is a year I can see“Although a date for Manchester City’s CAS appeal, which will not be open to the public, has been set, no deadline can be set for how long it will take the committee to make a decision.