tensions around Parliament before the Chinese anthem debate

Riot police, deployed on Wednesday morning around the Hong Kong Legislative Council, fired pepper spray on protesters from democracy who had gathered before considering a bill criminalizing contempt for the Chinese national anthem.

The insurgency police in Hong Kong, which was deployed on Wednesday, May 27, around the Legislative Council, the local parliament, shot the pepper spray on protocratic protesters gathered before the hearing of a bill that criminalizes all contempt for court. Chinese national anthem.

Hundreds of protesters singing slogans during the lunch break in the Central Commercial District were scattered by police, firing several balls of annoying gas in their direction, AFP reporters found on the dot.

The text, which aims to regulate the use of the Chinese national anthem, provides for a sentence of up to three years in prison and a fine for anyone who “insults” the anthem. It is presented to Parliament at second reading, before it is announced as expected next month.

Hundreds of insurgent police rallied around the Legislative Council and a two-meter wall of plastic barricades filled with water was erected around the building.

In several other parts of the city, protesters used garbage cans and various objects to block the roads, while social networks buzzed with talks about demonstrations in various locations later in the day.

Tensions over national insurance

This debate in Parliament comes in the context of tensions: the protocols protests resumed in Hong Kong following China’s presentation last week of a national security proposal aimed at combating segregation, subversive and terrorist activities and foreign involvement.

The contests condemn a maneuver by Beijing to limit the freedoms that have allowed Hong Kong to become an important financial institution.

A major demonstration, the largest since the establishment of containment to fight the coronavirus epidemic, took place on Sunday. The police used tear gas to disperse the protesters.

Local CEO CarrieLam said Beijing’s bill on national security would undermine Hong Kong’s rights and freedoms.

For his part, US President Donald Trump’s has once again proved a threat to Beijing. Without going into details, the US president declared that he was preparing to initiate an action against China this week because of its willingness to introduce national security legislation in Hong Kong.

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